Anousha + Rizwan’s Nikkah Syeda Khadija Centre, Gairloch Gardens

Anousha and Rizwan held their nikkah at Syeda Khadija Centre and it was an absolutely beautiful ceremony! Both Anousha and Rizwan as well as their families were so welcoming and so much fun to be around! After their ceremony we made our way to Gairloch Gardens for their portraits where Anousha and Rizwan read their vows to each other, which I thought was so sweet! Rizwan also has a truck that these two have had great memories with so we got some shots with their truck as well! See my favourites from Anousha and Rizwan’s Nikkah below!

Makeup and Hair: @fasiha.z
Outfit: @karigur1
Henna: @fizza_tabish
Jewellery: @zayverbyshazia

September 23, 2020

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Wedding Experience

the photography by azra