If you thought Ariba and Ajwad’s Mehndi was beautiful, their Baraat day was even more gorgeous! We started the day at Shirley Wu’s Studio where Ariba got her makeup done by the talented Jenny Wu who dolled up Ariba so beautifully! Ariba’s mom and aunt were there as well to help her get ready which made it so special! Some of my favourite parts of the day were when Ariba’s young cousin entered in front of her holding a sign that said “Ajwad Bhai, here comes your bride!”, and at the end of the night when the bride’s side stole Ajwad’s shoes! Also, the decor by Bliss Beginnings was to die for! Check out my favourites from their Baraat below!

Ariba + Ajwad’s Baraat Scarborough Convention Centre

April 13, 2018

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Wedding Experience

the photography by azra