Parkwood Estate Oshawa Toronto Hindu Wedding Photos

I have been counting down the days to Jennifer and Steve’s wedding ever since their beautiful winter engagement session and, boy, was their wedding weekend just a blast!!! Their first event was their Guyanese Hindu Wedding Ceremony at Grand Cinnamon Banquet Hall in Toronto. It was an early start to the morning but I just love how energetic and excited all of Jennifer and Steve’s friends and families were!!! They were hyping up the couple with dancing and music from 7am all the way to the end of the day!!

It was so beautiful to see Jennifer and Steve’s hindu wedding ceremony and what I loved was that their pandit (priest) explained the significance of each step of the ceremony. It was amazing to understand each of the traditions and hearing about what they signified made the ceremony even more meaningful. For example, at one point in the ceremony the bride and groom place their foot on a stone to represent the strength of their commitment to each other- a symbol of firmness and strength in the face of adversity. Each step had its own significance to the couple’s marriage, loyalty, love and respect for each other.

After their ceremony we went to Parkwood Estate to capture their portraits as husband and wife and these images turned out to be absolutely MAGICAL! I am just so obsessed with Jennifer and Steve and their love.

Jennifer and Steve, thank you so much for trusting me to photograph your special day!! Enjoy my favourites from your wedding ceremony below and stay tuned for your reception coming next!!

Photography: @photographybyazra
Makeup: @ritanibeauty
Hair: @duyenhuynh
Henna: @hennabymayaa
Decor: @dream_wedding_ltd
Bouquet: @jasmineflorists
Bride’s outfit: @frontierheritage
Groom’s outfit: @nucreationfashions
Videographer: @julesmvideos
Tassa Band: @royaltassacrew
Rolls Royce: @executivelimorentals
Portrait Location: @parkwoodestate

Jennifer & Steve’s Guyanese Hindu Wedding Ceremony
Grand Cinnamon Banquet, Parkwood Estate

August 22, 2023

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