Kulsoom’s Bridal Shower was hands down one of the most fun bridal showers I have been to, mostly because the theme of the party was “Netflix and Chill!” It was definitely super chill because the dress code was onesies/PJ’s and Kulsoom’s unicorn onesie was the cutest thing ever! Kulsoom and I are friends from a volunteering trip to Africa that we both went on, and that is also coincidentally where she met her fiancé Mehdi! Mehdi also arrived halfway through the shower in a  shark onesie with a stack of donuts that Kulsoom bit into right away, aha, these two are so fun!! Kulsoom’s bridesmaids killed it with all of the decor and desserts, Seema did an amazing job with Kulsoom’s hair/makeup, and the other vendors Fuchsia Decor and Poppa Corn Corp added a fantastic touch! Check out my favourites below!

Kulsoom’s Netflix & Chill Bridal Shower

July 4, 2017

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the photography by azra