Layeeka and Sadman’s Nikkah and Walima ISNA, Kariya Park, Versailles Convention Centre

Layeeka and Sadman met through the MuzMatch app (which a lot of my couples have met through recently which I think is the coolest thing ever!), and when they first started chatting, Layeeka emailed him a list of 150+ questions. They worked their way through those questions every weekend for two months and once they were done, they didn’t know what to do, so Sadman flew from Toronto to Texas to meet her parents and propose, and the rest is history!

Their wedding day started early in the morning at ISNA for their nikkah, which included lots of tears, hugs and happiness! We then did a few portraits of them as a married couple inside and outside of ISNA, and then it was time for Layeeka and Sadman to start getting ready for their Walima! They changed from their morning white and green colours to a gorgeous navy blue and red for their Walima look and I was obsessed. With gorgeous portraits at Kariya Park, the funniest speeches and amazing food at Versailles, it was such an amazing day! Check out my favourites from Layeeka and Sadman’s Nikkah and Walima below! Layeeka and Sadman, thank you so much for giving me the honour of capturing your love story!

MUA/Hair: Areeba Khan
Henna: Sanaa’s Mehendi
Decor: Bliss Beginnings by Baneen
Outfits: Fariha Design Studio
Mosque: ISNA Canada
Venue: Versailles Convention Centre

November 23, 2018

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Wedding Experience

the photography by azra