I usually try to find a way to make my couples laugh during their Engagement Session to capture the joy and laughter I get in my images, but Maryam and Karar were already laughing so adorably from our first shot that I really didn’t have to do anything at all! We really wanted to photograph with the cherry blossoms at Kariya Park and we had to reschedule our session so many times because they just weren’t blooming! But it was SO worth the wait!! I thought for sure the cherry blossom portion of our shoot would be my favourite, but I really loved Maryam and Karar’s second look as well that now I can’t decide! See for yourself below! Maryam and Karar I cannot wait for your wedding next month!!

Maryam + Karar’s Engagement Session Kariya Park, Jack Darling Memorial Park

May 27, 2019

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