Mashal + Ali’s Blush Wedding Reception Beauty Concept, Mint Room Studios, Capitol Banquet

Mashal and Ali’s families and friends totally exposed Mashal and Ali during their speeches with embarrassing and hilarious stories from their past that had the entire room crying of laughter! Their reception was the grand finale to their wedding week and it was such a fun and beautiful day. Ali surprised Mashal with a beautiful bridal bouquet right after their first look (which by the way was also the cutest thing ever), and their portraits at Mint Room Studios were literally to DIE for! I also love how Mashal and Ali kept photos of their grandparents on their receiving table to honour them, and they also did the head table decor themselves; talk about talent! Check out my favourites below including the Jota Chori, where Mashal’s sisters and cousins stole Ali’s shoes and wouldn’t give them back until he paid a fee (one of the funnest parts of Pakistani weddings)!!