For my 25th birthday party I wanted to have a party that really represented ME! I brainstormed for a while and considered a starbucks theme, sushi theme, photography theme, but nothing seemed right. I was on Pinterest one day when I came across this boba themed baby shower that was so elegant and beautiful. As soon as I saw that party I knew that’s exactly what I wanted to do!! Using a lot of inspiration from there I began planning my Bubble Tea themed 25th Birthday Party!! See everything below including all of the amazing vendors I used to help me put it together!

For the venue I chose the bubble tea restaurant called “Bubbletease” located in Mississauga. They have a large area at the back of their restaurant which I thought would be perfect for the party and it would be convenient for everyone to order bubble tea at a place that already served bubble tea!

The cake, cake pops, and chocolate covered strawberries were all done by Nicole from Lipstick Baker! The flavour of the cake was vanilla with vanilla icing mixed in with cookie dough pieces. It was SO good! For the cake pops I did a chocolate hazelnut flavour and it was also super delicious. I was originally thinking of also doing donuts, but ultimately decided on chocolate covered strawberries for the third dessert to add something semi healthy 😛

The cookie favours were done by Stephanie from Little Rose Cookie Co! Her cookies not only look amazing but they also taste like heaven! They are SO soft, and just delicious. I’ve never tasted such good sugar cookies before!

The balloon garland was created by Nisha from Luxe Soiree Balloons. I found her on instagram and one of the things I loved about her was how prompt she was with responding to my inquiry and she was super enthusiastic about creating the design I had in mind (from the boby party inspo I mentioned earlier), and she created the garland to be even better than I imagined!!

All of the stationary (including the welcome sign, my invitations, menus, and customized favour tags) were done by Kimi from Ella Rose Paperie. Kimi is a wedding planner that I met through the industry a few years ago and we became really good friends! When I was planning my party I reached out to her to see if she could help me with planning it and setting it all up on the day and I was so happy that she was open to it! So on top of all the stationary she designed, she also created all of the florals and styled and put everything together on the day so I didn’t have to stress or worry about a thing! It really allowed me to enjoy my party and hang out with my sweet guests and not have to worry about a thing!! Plus she did such an AMAZING job!

I ordered my favourite drink – Peach Green Tea with Tapioca and Lychee Jelly 😛

This is one of my best friends Nicole! I met Nicole in high school and I remember the exact moment we met! I was new to the school and I was sitting in the cafeteria eating lunch with another girl who was new as well and was telling her about how I played softball. Nicole, who happened to be sitting with her friends right next to us, heard me mention softball and told me that she played as well and that I should tryout for the team. Since that day we have been friends and have played softball together almost every year since then, and we still play on a softball team together every summer!

This is Aysha! You might recognize her from her instagram @sincerelyaysha and we actually met on instagram as well! She also became a client of mine and we have been friends since then!

The image above is my friend Nimi! She is the captain of the softball team I play on called “Base Invaders” and she is a super sweet person and I just adore her!

This is my girl Kimi! I couldn’t have pulled off this party without her, thank you so much Kimi for not only being so talented but for also going above and beyond! She is also a super funny person I am always laughing anytime she’s around 😛

This is my friend Khatija!! Not only have we been friends for so long but I also photographed her wedding this past summer! Look how perfectly she matched with the theme 😛

These are my friends Kulsoom, Raazia, and Sabeeka, and if you couldn’t tell, they are sisters! They are just the cutest girls EVER! I became friends with Kulsoom a few years back from a leadership camp I went to and Kulsoom is just the best host ever. She always invites me over to her house and her two sisters always come hang out with me as well (even if they have tons of homework) and they are sooo sweet and hospitable. I have no idea how many times they’ve fed me the most amazing meals at their house and made the coolest drinks for me too. So grateful for you guys!

The above photo is of my girl Malikah!!! Around the time of my party she was prepping for her brother’s wedding in Orlando and also had just gotten engaged, but she still made time to come to my birthday! So lucky to have such amazing friends!

This is my mom and my sister in law Fatim! I also have a sister named Ailya but she wasn’t able to make it to my party, we missed you Ailya!!

How adorable is my mommy??!! <3

This is my one and only niece Zainab!! She is 2.5 years old and I love her so much! She is just soooo sweet and adorable and I’m so happy she came to celebrate my day with me!! She was so cute, she’d give me a kiss and then wipe it away because she got makeup on her AHAHA!!!

The above are my cousins and my mini-me’s Maleeha and Sameeha!! I’m the youngest sibling in my family so I consider these two my little sisters 😛

The above photo is of my girl Rabita!! She is a member of my team and photographed my entire party for me! Thanks for being so amazing Rabita!! She is also getting married next week and I’ll be capturing it so you’ll be seeing a lot more of her soon! 😛

This is my friend Safiya!! Of our friends group of 6 girls, 3 of our friends got married and moved away to England and Africa, and me, Khatija and Safiya are the only ones left here in Toronto. Safiya please don’t leave us too!!! 😛

These are my newest friends, Sakina and Salwa!! Our husbands went to med school together and are all super close, and recently introduced the three of us so we can all hang out together. I say ditch the boys and let’s hang out ourselves AHAHA!

I LOVE this picture of my niece Zainab sitting in the corner and eating cake when she’s not supposed to be eating sugar LOOOLL!! Oopsie 😛

LOL I had to include these photos of Kimi because they just make me laugh. Kimi, you are a whole MOOD. ahahaha

Zainab just looked so cute in her pink hat on her way out I had to get a picture ahahah.

A huge thank you to my amazing vendors and friends who helped me put everything together! :

Planner + Styling + Florals: @kimiarya
Stationary: @ellarosepaperie
Desserts: @lipstickbaker
Cookie Favours: @littlerosecookieco
Balloons: @luxesoireeballoons
Makeup: @leenaheravi @jenevoymakeupstudio
Venue: @bubbletease
Photos: @photographybyazrateam (Rabita)

My 25th Bubble Tea Themed Birthday Party! Bubbletease

November 19, 2019

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