Sarah + Safinur’s Lavender Themed Nikkah Guildwood Park, Grand Cinnamon Banquet & Convention

Sarah absolutely loves the colour lavender so for her and Safinur’s Nikkah they planned everything around a lavender theme!! It created such a beautiful spring vibe, I almost forgot it was the middle of winter! Sarah and Safinur both wore mint green outfits with light purple dupattas and all of their decor was full of lots of lavender and purple flowers. Sarah’s bridesmaids all wore light purple saaris, and Safinur’s groomsmen wore light grey suits with matching lavender ties. I couldn’t get over how well everything was planned! After their nikkah and some traditions, Sarah and Safinur’s bridesmaids and groomsmen performed some epic dances for them. One of my favourite touches of their day was that they gave little glass bottles filled with zam zam water as favours!! See my favourites from Sarah and Safinur’s nikkah below! Sarah and Safinur, I’m so excited to photograph you two again for your wedding reception this summer!