Sayma & Sumair’s Nikkah

There’s something about intimate wedding events that I love; perhaps it’s that you are surrounded by the family and friends that are closest to your heart! The sweet Sayma & Sumair’s Nikkah this past Saturday was more of an “engagement”, and they will be having their Wedding Reception in the near future iA. Sayma is obsessed with florals (just like me!) so she chose a beautiful flower wall by S&M Florals as her backdrop. I was in love with all the details including all of Sayma’s make up by Essra, her henna by Alisha, her stunning jewelry and the cute engravings in Sumair’s ring! We tried to sneak out to take some photos outside, but it was SO windy we only survived 1 minute, but I still got a couple of super cute portraits of the two of them! Check out my favourites below!

March 29, 2017

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Wedding Experience

the photography by azra