Shahbaz + Rumsha’s Elegant Wedding Reception Knox College, Mississauga Convention Centre

Shahbaz and Rumsha’s Wedding Reception was the grand finale to their beautiful wedding weekend and it was definitely a grand day! You are going to love their portraits at U of T Knox College as well as their stunning wedding decor at Mississauga Convention Centre (as well as the fact that Shahbaz made Rumsha’s bouquet himself!) There were so many parts of the day that stood out to me, starting with the most epic entrances.¬†Shahbaz’s siblings¬† entrance included a fake wrestling match where Rumsha came out victorious (you’ll see what I mean in the pics below!), and then Shahbaz’s talented sister SANG live during Rumsha and Shahbaz’s entrance! As if that wasn’t cool enough, Rumsha’s friends performed a skit recreating how the couple met which was absolutely hilarious. Their night ended off with FIREWORKS outside. Yep you read that right! So without further ado, check out my favourites from Shahbaz and Rumsha’s Reception below!