Sherini & Aly were a JOY to work with! Not only are these two so adorable, they are also so kind and funny! I found myself laughing with them the entire shoot! We started our shoot out at Distillery District, then made our way to Cherry Beach for some beach photos and we finished off at Polson Pier (which is one of my favourite places downtown.) Make sure to scroll all the way to the end to see the killer Toronto Skyline view!

Sherini & Aly met during their undergrad in 2008 at the University of Toronto Scarborough. Aly planned the cutest proposal on July 31, 2016. Here is Sherini’s side of the proposal story: “We had been talking about checking out the Brickworks for a while (since I am a photographer I like exploring new places in Toronto to photograph). That day he woke up early and made us a picnic lunch to take to the Brickworks. When we got there it was raining at monsoon level, but luckily we had a nice big umbrella to shelter under while we explored. As we walked Aly pointed out a path that he thought looked interesting. Little did I know that he had already scoped out the lookout to the Toronto Skyline. We walked up, and found a spot to sit on a bench to wait for the rain to clear as we ate our lunch. As it cleared the skyline became visible and I got up to take pictures of it. I stepped out onto a ledge and then Aly asked for the camera so that he could take pictures of me with the skyline. As he snapped photos of me I turned so that he could take a photo of my back to the camera. While my back was turned to him he pulled out the ring and said, “Wait can you hold this for me,” I turned around and he placed the ring box in my hand and continued to snap pictures of my reaction as he got down on one knee and asked me to “have adventures” with him for the rest of our lives! The rest is history!”

Ahh so cute! Check out my favourites from our shoot below!

Sherini & Aly’s Engagement Session Distillery District, Cherry Beach, Polson Pier

June 1, 2017

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