Gurpreet + Navdeep’s Sikh Engagement Party Credit Valley Golf and Country Club

Gurpreet and Navdeep’s Engagement Party was as perfect as an engagement party can get! Their event was right in the middle of the fall season, and they held it at the Credit Valley Golf and Country Club that overlooked the most gorgeous fall foliage. We got some of my favourite outdoor photos ever, and I also loved everything about their event!! Gurpreet and Navdeep started off their engagement party with some ceremonies and group photos and then their friends led a game where they asked everyone questions about the couple and each table had to answer by holding up a (very large) photo of Gurpreet or Navdeep to indicate who they thought the answer was. It was such an entertaining game!!! I then snuck out with Gurpreet and Navdeep to get a few more photos with them on the golf course before sunset, and then the party continued! The couple led a dance off between the two families which was SO cute and fun and then the dance floor opened! Thanks so much for having me you two!! See my favourites below!