Taronish and Arshaan have a super cute meeting story! Taronish randomly found Arshaan on twitter and thought it was funny that they both had the same last name (but they aren’t related 😉 ). They started talking and have now been together for almost 8 years! For his proposal Arshaan told Taronish that they were going on a trip, but didn’t tell her where. When they reached the airport, Taronish found it it was Venice, Italy and Arshaan proposed to her on a gondola ride while they were there! How ROMANTIC is that?? For their Engagement Session we started off in High Park, and then went to Distillery District and Polson Pier. It was a super windy day that caused Taronish’s hair to fly everywhere but the two of them still looked like total rockstars!! I also was obsessed with Taronish’s dress and she got so many compliments by random people on the street on it too while we were shooting!! See my favourites from their session below! Taronish and Arshaan, I cannot wait to photograph you both in April!!

Makeup: Fancy Face Inc
Hair: Reflections by Reanna

Taronish + Arshaan’s Engagement Session High Park, Distillery District, Polson Pier

October 31, 2019

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Wedding Experience

the photography by azra