Hiba and her family held Hiba’s Dholki in their backyard, and they transformed their yard to look like an epic outdoor wedding venue! Hiba’s mom, khala, mamu, and mumani did all of the setup themselves including the stunning backdrop, all the lights, the tents, flowers and so much more! Hiba’s brothers set up a hand washing station with an outdoor sink, soap, hand sanitizer, etc. How cool!! The dholki consisted of some rasams, songs, and performances with a surprise dance by Hiba! Come see my favourites below, and stay tuned for Hiba and Blal’s Wedding coming to the blog next!!

Outfit: @anayabykiranchaudhry
Makeup: @seherstudio
Hair: @nadias.expressions
Floral Jewelery: @finesse_wedding

Hiba’s Backyard Dholki

August 25, 2020

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Wedding Experience

the photography by azra