Jahan and Zalmay held their wedding events in their backyards and I just loved being a part of their intimate Mehndi and Wedding!! Jahan is Pakistani and Zalmay is Afghani, so their wedding was a beautiful fusion of both cultures! Their Mehndi event consisted of traditional feeding sweets to the bride and groom, hilarious speeches, traditions, and lots and lots of dances! Zalmay surprised Jahan with dances of his own which were so fun and Jahan’s reactions were priceless! If their Mehndi wasn’t cute enough, their wedding day was even more special! Zalmay created an entire wooden arch decorated with florals by himself as a surprise for Jahan because she’d shown him a photo of one she’d liked while they were wedding planning- umm how sweet?!!! See my favourites from Jahan and Zalmay’s Mehndi and Wedding below!! Jahan and Zalmay, thanks so much for having me, and I hope you are enjoying being newlyweds!!

Henna: @Hennabymayaa
Decor: @HighLineinternational
Outfit: @SahibaFashions
Desserts: @mjsweets_co

Jahan + Zalmay’s Backyard Mehndi and Wedding

September 18, 2020

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Wedding Experience

the photography by azra