Mashal + Ali’s Mehndi Apollo Convention Centre

Mashal and Ali’s entrances to their Mehndi were some of the most unique entrances I’ve ever seen!! Ali entered to the song “Prince Ali” from Aladdin, which I found on youtube here! (If you are reading this blog post from your computer, I’d suggest opening up the song in a new window while you are scrolling through the blog posts for extra effect ahah!!) And after Mashal entered, her and her friends/sisters/cousins performed a super cool dance using a hoop with strips of long cloth connected to it (I’m not sure what its called but you can see in the images below what I mean!) Their night was full of rasams, dholkhis, dances, and lots of laughs! Check out my favourites below and come back tomorrow to see their Nikkah blog post!

Henna: Henna by Twins
Decor: Nabila’s Decor & Floral
Videography: Darkroom Doctors

August 13, 2018

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Wedding Experience

the photography by azra