​I got to hang out with these two earlier this year for their Sunrise Downtown Toronto Engagement Session, and since then, I’ve been so excited for their wedding!! Nisa is from Maryland, so they had a few events in Maryland first and their final wedding event here in Toronto this past weekend. Naqi’s families and friends gave speeches totally roasting Naqi, and his friends even put together a slideshow with embarrassing photos of Naqi when he was younger, which was entertaining to say the least!! Naqi and Nisa, thank you for letting me capture your beautiful day! I hope you are enjoying your honeymoon in BALI!

Big hugs to the vendors involved! :

MUA: Shirley Wu
Decor/DJ: Shadi Mubarak
Video: Five Ft Above

Naqi + Nisa’s Lavender Wedding Kariya Park, Chandni Convention and Gateway

August 9, 2018

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Wedding Experience

the photography by azra