Nikhat + Akib’s Vibrant Gaye Holud Ceremony Main Street Unionville, Markham Convention Centre

Nikhat and Akib’s wedding festivities kicked off with their Gaye Holud Ceremony and it couldn’t have been a more fun, vibrant and energetic day!! We started off with Nikhat and Akib’s portraits at Unionville Main Street and Nikhat and Akib were absolutely radiating!! It was a super hot day so we took a break for some bubble tea halfway through our portrait session. I got a few photos of them enjoying their drinks which actually turned out to be some of my favourite photos of the entire session! Their holud was a super fun event starting with epic entrances – Akib rode in on a rikshaw (so cool) and Nikhat was carried in by her brothers and cousins on a palki/carriage. That was just the start to an entertaining night full of dances from their family and friends, and dances by the bride and groom themselves! See my favourites from Nikhat and Akib’s Holud below and stay tuned for their reception blog coming soon!!!